The Literal BEST Cup of Tea Ever

Hey y’all! My name is Izzy and I’m so excited to start this blog about tea, books, recipes,  and everything that goes with that! So basically after three months (I know… I’m indecisive and school is literally killing me), I finally decided what I wanted to write about. I figured my first blog post should be about something special- my quest for the best cup of tea ever.

During Spring Break 2016, my best friend Keilan (who pretty much took ALL of these amazing pictures I used) and I traveled to London, England on a school trip together. It honestly was one of the best weeks of my life and I have so many amazing memories from it. As an obsessive tea lover, I was thrilled to go to England, which is known for their distinctive teas. But little did I know, Keilan and I would find the BEST cup of tea ever in a totally unexpected place.

Our first stop after landing in London was at King Henry VIII’s palace, Hampton Court. Keilan and I were bursting with energy and were overjoyed that we were actually in London. After touring a little bit of the palace, we decided to get our FIRST cup of tea in London and a little snack at the Tiltyard Cafe. We both decided to get English Breakfast Tea since it was still technically morning. In addition to that, we bought a lovely, flakey shortbread and a muffin to split. (See the featured image for the picture of the muffin, shortbread, and tea.) After trying English Breakfast Tea for the first time, Keilan and I determined that English Breakfast Tea is the best kind of tea ever, so we continued to order it everywhere during our trip. Though the Tiltyard Cafe did not have the best tea I’ve ever had, it was still a rich, delightful cup of tea, and it inspired us to seek out English Breakfast Tea throughout the rest of our adventure.

first cup of tea in london.jpg
Me and my first cup of Tea after landing in London at Hampton Court’s Tiltyard Cafe
burning tongue on tea.jpg
Keilan managed to capture this hilarious picture of me burning my tongue on my first sip of tea.

The next morning I had my second cup of tea during breakfast. Our hotel offered a full english breakfast, but Keilan and I weren’t very hungry so we only ordered toast and a satisfying english breakfast tea. Even if we didn’t have breakfast every day, Keilan and I tried to get a cup of this delectable tea every morning to wake us up (because I am NOT a morning person and we often stayed up all night talking) and to give us a good head start in the morning.

Processed with VSCOcam with p5 preset- pic creds Keilan
The literal BEST cup of tea ever

Our first full day in London, we toured many famous London landmarks and were completely amazed by the culture in London. Around 1 or 2 pm, our group stopped in Trafalgar Square and our leader let us wander for an hour in the surrounding area. Keilan, some other friends, and I decided to go to Cafe in the Crypt. I know having a cafe in a crypt sounds weird, but I’ve been told its normal/ commonish in London. Keilan and I both bought English Breakfast Tea and it was luscious and full bodied. In addition, the atmosphere was amazing. Unfortunately because it was so busy in the cafe, we ended up having to chug half of our tea because we were going to be late to meet the rest of the group. But honestly sitting in this cafe while chugging our tea is one of my favorite memories from the trip.

Keilan captures our breakfast- Jam on Toast and English Breakfast Tea
breakfast tea.jpg
Keilan’s morning tea

The next day, our group traveled to Oxford. Keilan and I constantly drank tea this day because it was so cold that it even snowed a little. On our tour of the city and the college, we found out that our dream was to go to Oxford University and live in the city together. We visited a HUGE bookstore called Blackwell’s (a book lover’s paradise), where I basically lost my mind and bought a normal and illustrated copy of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone. After Keilan, some friends, and I shopped, we decided to get coffee and tea at Jimbob’s Baguettes. The tea was hot but a little bitter, but we enjoyed looking at our books and talking together.

oxford hp book.jpg
Keilan, our group of friends, and I look at our new books and chat over tea and coffee

Though we had A LOT more tea during this trip than I can ever write about (I literally always had a cup of tea in my hand), these were the ones that stood out the most to me. Throughout our trip, Keilan and I drank English Breakfast Tea, but out of all the places- both locally owned and chain cafes- we visited Keilan and I both agree that the Cafe in the Crypt tea was the LITERAL BEST CUP OF TEA we’ve had and are ever likely to have. Seriously though, if you ever visit London you have to drink this tea because its so insanely good. I don’t know what makes it better than all the other tea I drank during my time in London, (or the suitcase full I brought home) but it is some seriously delicious tea. The tea was absolutely heavenly, perfectly rich,  and flavored, and my mouth is watering just thinking about it now. Keilan and I still constantly talk about this tea, and we even discussed it earlier this week, which ended up inspiring this post.

Thank you so much for reading and I’m so excited to continue writing on this blog!

Until next time,



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